Use the Configuration button to set SysSync configuration options. Details about SysSync can also be viewed from here along with Registration information.

Options available are:

Date Format - Select your preferred date format for displaying the date when browsing file details.

Show Tooltips - Select whether you wish to see tooltips when the mouse is hovered over any buttons.

Command Timeout - Set the number of secs any one command is allowed to complete. If this time is exceeded SysSync will fail that command. Note: if you are synchronising very large files or your network connection is very slow this may need to be quite large. In future releases it is planned to copy all files (in particular large ones) using a series of smaller commands allowing this timeout to remain lower (and also allowing better progress metering).

Required Time Difference - There are some strange time differences that sometimes creep in when copying files from one Windows operating system to a different one. I have observed time differences of up to but not more than one and a half minutes on occasion when copying files from one system to another. Therefore this time is used as the minimum time difference require for a source file to be considered to be newer than the target file. The default is set to two minutes.

Synchronise Buttons - Choose whether you want the default synchronise buttons with text with small arrows at either end or buttons with no text and just a one big arrow to show the synchronisation direction.


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