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Latest News    Version 1.06 now available.

Quick and easy software to synchronise an FTP website

Confused by all this FTP stuff? Use SyncWeb to keep websites up to date with a few mouse clicks.

SyncWeb simplifies the process of web site synchronisation via FTP. Maintaining the latest versions of all your HTML files and images on your web site can be a time consuming process. Determining which files have been modified since the last update is difficult and error prone, however simply re-copying all your files is wasteful and won't remove any files that are no longer needed. SyncWeb compares the last modification times of files on your local system with the same ones on the FTP server only overwriting, adding or deleting files if necessary. Sometimes it is more appropriate to compare based on file sizes and SyncWeb can do this too. Lists of exclusion files and folders can be created which will be ignored during the synchronisation process. Saved profiles allow quick and easy repeats, making ftp synchronising a simple task with a minimum of fuss. No knowledge of FTP protocols is required, SyncWeb's simple, easy to use interface makes everything clear and intuitive. Browse dialogs designed to work just like the familiar Windows Explorer, profiles that store all your options, a progress bar to tell you how much has been done and how much there is to do - all these features make your job easy.

SyncWeb is a designed to be the simplest FTP synchroniser possible with full instructions provided. Written by an enthusiast who, despite the low price, will still give support and respond to suggestions. Being free to download with 60 days free use and easy to uninstall there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it out!

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Quick and easy

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Location memory
Batch files
Log files
Compare files on time or size
Complete folder hierarchies
Familiar Explorer style browsing
Create exclusion lists
Runs on:  Win95, Win98, WinNT4.x, WinXP, Win2000

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