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SyncWeb Features

Latest News    Version 1.05 now available.  Minor bug fixes...

Click the smaller images to see a larger screenshot.

Simple user interface
One of the main goals in the design of SyncWeb is to make the user interface and FTP access as simple and easy to use as possible. More...

Quick and easy
Browse your local system and the FTP server in exactly the same way to select the source and target.

Location memory
SyncWeb remembers the last five locations used, and more in profiles.

SyncWeb can save profiles of all synchronisation settings. These profiles can be double clicked, automatically running the synchronisation with no further input required.

Batch Files
Run a sequence of profiles in a batch using the simple batch file mechanism (not to be confused with the DOS batch files). As with profiles the batch files can be auto-run.

Log Files
Synchronisation results can be output to simple text log files allowing later viewing with a simple editor like Notepad. This can be particularly useful if using batch files. 

Complete folder hierarchies
With the check sub-folder option SyncWeb will synchronise an entire folder hierarchy in one go. Also when browsing an FTP server directories along with all their contents can be deleted in one go.

Time or Size
You choose whether to compare files based on time (the default) or size. The latter can be more suitable if the system clocks are not reliable.
Silent Mode
Run synchronisations in silent mode and no report dialogs will be presented and no further input will be required from you. Best used in association with Log Files.

Exclusions lists
Create lists of files to be excluded from the synchronisation. Particularly useful if you have maintenance/configuration etc. files on your local system not wanted on the website. 

Overwrite updated files and optionally have it add new files and delete removed ones. 

Familiar file browsing dialogs
SyncWeb file browsing is done with familiar Explorer style dialogs with a folder tree in the left pane and a list of folder contents in the right pane. Whether browsing your local system or your website on the FTP server, you can manually delete and rename files and create new directories. More...

Synchronisation report
A simple report summary is always displayed with a button to view a more detailed report and another to view any problems that have occurred during the synchronisation (this only appears if there were problems) More...

A full and thorough help is provided. All features of the program are completely covered and clearly explained. More...

View help online here...

SyncWeb simplifies the process of web site synchronisation via FTP. Maintaining the latest versions of all your HTML files and images on your web site can be a time consuming process. Determining which files have been modified since the last update is difficult and error prone, however simply re-copying all your files is wasteful and won't remove any files that are no longer needed. SyncWeb compares the last modification times of files on your local system with the same ones on the FTP server only overwriting, adding or deleting files if necessary. Sometimes it is more appropriate to compare based on file sizes and SyncWeb can do this too. Lists of exclusion files and folders can be created which will be ignored during the synchronisation process. Saved profiles allow quick and easy repeats of frequent synchronisations with a minimum of fuss.

 No knowledge of FTP protocols is required, SyncWeb's simple, easy to use interface makes everything clear and intuitive. Browse dialogs designed to work just like the familiar Windows Explorer, profiles that store all your options, a progress bar to tell you how much has been done and how much there is to do - all these features make your job easy.

SyncWeb is a designed to be the simplest FTP file synchroniser possible with full instructions provided. Written by an enthusiast who, despite the low price, will still give support and respond to suggestions. Being free to download with 60 days free use and easy to uninstall there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it out.

Future plans...

SyncWeb is still continuing to be developed and features planned for the future include:

  • Add more multithreading to try and speed up the analysis and file copying.
  • Introduce more FTP browse options such as drag and drop and moving files around.

I welcome feedback with suggestions of what you want...

Free download - try it out with no obligation here... 
All this for just $12 (12 US dollars)
Once registered you will get free upgrades and notification of new releases.

You can get support at the Support Forums or by contacting support here... 

 View a list of known bugs and workarounds here...

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