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Latest News  Version 1.122 now available. 

Relative file paths added
New free read only version now available

Powerful image management software at an affordable price


Support for multiple image file formats

Read more about these features and view screenshots here...
Register for just $25 (25 USD) here...
Once registered you will get
free upgrades and notification of new releases.
View the ImageDB help here...
Free download -  no obligation trial here...   


Support Forums... 
Email support...
Known workarounds...
Check out some of the download sites listing ImageDB here...

There is also a read only version of ImageDB available from the same download page.

Create a hierarchy of image categories
Associate categories with images
Quickly locate images using categories
Mount images stored on CD
Subset collections and databases
Print images and "contact sheets"
Web sites that mirror your categories
Access EXIF data
Runs on:  Win95, Win98, WinNT4.x, WinXP, Win2000

Feedback from some of ImageDB's users:

"I really like the way your program is laid out. I used your sample db and also added some photos of my own. The program is easy to use and very efficient. I think you have a winner here."
"This is a damn good program it seems to me. I'm using ACDsee 5 but you have advantages for large scale storage which I begin to need!
"Lets just say that I am impressed in the way that you are listening to suggestions"
"I like your category implementation. It is probably more straightforward than AcdSee or iMatch and I like the simple user interface"

Yes, of course I could make these up but I promise they are all genuine!

   Example Website 
My own gallery was generated using ImageDB, so to see an example of an automatically generated website go here and have a look at mine! 

Website Customising 
The automatic website generation is controlled by three template files which allow you to customise the appearance of your own website. View an example site here...

Example Templates
Copies of example template files are included for you to view. The pages themselves do not show much, but if you view the source you will see the ImageDB commands embedded in HTML comments which will give you an idea of how flexible this system is:
  Index template file
  Thumbnail template file
  Image template file

If you like ImageDB why not check out my other software:

SyncWeb - an automatic website synchroniser using FTP.

SysSync - an automatic file synchroniser 

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Outstanding 5/5

View a list of known bugs and workarounds here...


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