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ImageDB Features

Latest News 
Version 1.122 now available.
Relative file paths added
New free read only version now available

Click the smaller images to see a larger screenshot.

Category Searches
Searching images by categories couldn't be easier. Simply select the categories you are interested in from the fully customisable category hierarchy and see your results instantly. Add your own categories quickly and easily as you go along. 

The example shown here would be displaying all images of Ski Touring not in Norway.

Keyword Searches and Date Ranges
Combine your category searching with more conventional keyword searches and date ranges. Dates can be specified using just months or even years. Image properties can be searched on index, media name (name of film...), originator, caption or description. Or just images from one particular folder may be searched. More...

Categorise Your Images and more...
Each image can be associated with as many categories as you want. Need a new one? Just click the Add button. All fields are optional; give as much detail as you want. Simplify your view of the categories with the Show All button. This allows you to choose whether to display only the currently associated categories for a quick uncluttered view of the current categorisation or view all available categories to see all your categorisation options. More...

Access EXIF data stored in JPEG images
Most modern digital still cameras store a large amount of data about the image such as date, time, camera setting etc. This data is known as EXIF and can be easily accessed in ImageDB. Each piece of data is known as a tag and there are potentially a very large number of tags provided by some cameras. To make viewing easier they are broken down in separate sections: Main, Sub and Manufacturer. Not all cameras generate Manufacturer tags (known as the Maker Note) but again those that do sometimes produce a lot! To make viewing easier still tags can be selectively filtered out or those that are of greatest interest to you added to the "Favourites" page. In addition selected tags can be copied to fields in the ImageDB properties allowing them to be included in image searches. More...

Manage the Physical Organisation of your Images
Manage the physical location of images on your system. Images can be physically stored anywhere on your system, over a network or on removable media and CDs. Particularly useful for removable media like CDs is the ability to "unmount" folders and then remount them at a later date. Thumbnails can be stored locally so they can still be viewed even when the main images are unmounted.

ImageDB works with many different image file formats including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PSD... and you can even work with non image files giving them categories in exactly the same way, though they can't actually be viewed! More...

Printing Images and Contact Sheets
Full size images may be printed although ImageDB does not attempt to replace sophisticated image editing and printing programs such as PhotoShop, PaintShop etc.

 "Contact sheets" of thumbnails with or without the associated image properties may be printed.


Save Sub-Sets of your database
Created named collections of particular images - slideshows, web site images etc. Save these with meaningful names and view them again and again... Even export them to a new database. 

Create Web Sites from Your Database
Automatically generate websites from your database. You have complete control over the appearance. A simple set of commands allow you to insert components from your database into the HTML code of your own design. You simply create two or three template files (depending on whether you want images displayed in separate HTML pages) inserting commands, as HTML comments, wherever you want them. You control the colour, fonts, layout etc.

Alternatively just use the templates provided with ImageDB. More...

Familiar system browsing
Browse your system disks, CDs, network connections etc. with the familiar Explorer style interface. Select whether you wish to see all files or just image files when browsing.

Drag and drop selected images into your favourite image editing software. More...

Sample Database
ImageDB can be downloaded with a small sample database complete with images. Allowing you to quickly learn how to use the program and get the very best out of it. A tutorial is provided which will step you through all the major features of the program and in no time at all you will be using ImageDB at full speed. If you want a faster download you can elect to download without the sample database and there is also a tutorial for use without it - though it is a little harder to do! More...

A full and thorough help is provided, complete with tutorials to ensure you will have no problems getting up to speed with ImageDB. All features of the program are completely covered and clearly explained. More...

View help online here...

ImageDBReader is a read only version of ImageDB. It supports all features of ImageDB except those that modify a database. So it can be used to view images by category, run slideshows, browse the system etc. It can be downloaded from the same page as ImageDB.

  • Runs on all newer Windows platforms
Runs on:
    Win95, Win98, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Win2000

Future plans...

ImageDB is still continuing to be developed and features planned for the future include:

  • More sophisticated ways of combining categories.
  • For a full list see the to do list in the help.

I welcome feedback with suggestions of what you want...

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You can get support at the Support Forums or by contacting support here... 

 View a list of known bugs and workarounds here...

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