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ImageDB download page

Version 1.122 now available

Powerful image management software at an affordable price

You can download ImageDB using one of the links below which will give you a free full featured program but with a 60 day time limit. Then you will be able to register your copy online and release that restriction at Reg.Net. They offer very flexible payment methods; direct over the internet, by telephone, fax, email or post.

It costs just $25. Register here...

       Buy Now at Reg.Net
Once registered you will get free upgrades and notification of new releases.

Please Read This First!

There are three downloads offered; each contains the same program but the downloads are different sizes. This is because of inclusion of a sample database.   5.0M - This is the largest - it has a sample database that is used in the Tutorial. This tutorial is really worth running as it will greatly assist you in getting up to speed with ImageDB. This download is most suitable for those with a broadband connection.   3.1M - This is smaller and has a stripped down sample database with less images. This download is recommended for those with slower modem connections.   1.5M - The smallest has no sample database at all and should only be used if you are upgrading and have previously installed one of the other two downloads. Otherwise the first thing that will happen when you to run ImageDB will be an error message as ImageDB attempts to load the (non-existent) sample database. This is always the database that ImageDB will load after its first installation.   2.7M - This is a read only version of ImageDB. It provides all viewing, selecting etc. features of ImageDB without permitting modification of the image database. This is free for personal use but is $200 for an unlimited distribution license. If you purchase a distribution license then you will be able to burn it onto CDs along with copies of your database and distribute it to customers or friends and family.

Upgrades: to upgrade your current installation simply run the new installation and it will overwrite the old. There is no need to uninstall the old version first. You should have no need to download the sample database for an upgrade so you are best selecting the download file.


ImageDB runs on all Windows platforms from 95 and NT4 upwards:
        Win95, Win98, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Win2000

Download Version 1.122 now...

To install the ImageDB software:

  1. Download one of the four files
    • ~5.0M with full sample database - best with broadband connections.
    • ~3.1M with small sample database - best with modem connections.
    • ~1.5M with no database - only to be used when upgrading.
    • ~ 2.7M with no database - read only version of ImageDB
  2. Extract the files to a suitable temporary location
  3. Run setup.exe
  4. Delete the temporary files
  5. Note: ImageDB comes with full uninstall (use the control panel Add/Remove Programs)

Need more help on how to download? Take a look here...

There is a beta version 1.130 also available. This has a number of new options and bug fixes available.

Download the beta version
Download the beta reader version

You can get support at
the Support Forums or by contacting support here...

View a list of known bugs and workarounds here...

Other Download Sites
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