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Mike Franklin

Giuthas, Station Rd
Garve, Ross-shire, IV23 2PS
Telephone: 01997 414309     Mobile: 07768 761957


A senior software engineer with in depth knowledge and experience writing software and presenting professional training courses in C and C++. Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team. Experienced in writing real time software and Windows based solutions using the Visual C++ and the MFC. Experience in managing a large number of permanent and contract employees. Able to very rapidly learn and become productive in new environments. Prepared to work and live in almost any location.

Major Achievements

  • Designing and writing a complete test package for a production line of electrical power assisted steering units using CAN CCP.

  • Designing and presenting basic and advanced level training courses for C and C++.

  • Designing and writing stock market analysis software.

  • Designing and writing image management software.


  • Controller Area Network (CAN)

  • CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP)

  • Presentation of technical software training courses in C and C++.

  • Design of technical software training courses in C and C++.

  • Extremely deep knowledge of the C and C++ languages.

  • Development of significant applications using the STL.

  • Strong knowledge of programming Windows using Visual C++ and the MFC.

  • Development of multithreaded applications under Windows.

  • Development of FTP and HTTP applications using MFC.

  • Some knowledge of programming the Symbian EPOC operating system.

  • Management of large numbers of contract and permanent staff.

  • Proven communications skills demonstrated by extensive teaching experience.


1996 date Focus Software Solutions - Freelance Software Engineer
Design and development of commercial software.
Designing, writing and maintaining test software for a production line of Electrical Power Assisted Steering Units using CCP over CAN.
1988 date QA Training
1996 date Associate Trainer
Presentation of training courses at beginner and advanced levels in C and C++ (freelance).
1995 1996 Courseware Manager
Responsible for all courseware development and maintenance. Project managing all ongoing work and investigating new approaches to course delivery.
1993 1995 Software Training Department Manager
Responsible for all software training courses and trainers. This consisted of around 100 courses and 150 trainers.
1991 1993 Trainer
Development and presentation of training courses at beginner and advanced levels in C and C++.
1988 1989 Associate Trainer
Presentation of training courses at beginner and advanced levels in C and C++ (freelance).
1986 1988 Freelance Software Engineer
Contract work on a variety of different applications: control of fuel system test rigs, packaging machine control, early electronic point of sales and sales analysis.
1983 1986 Wimpol Ltd. Software Engineer
Hydrographical survey navigation software for the offshore oil industry. Remote telemetry control software.


Various courses including: software project management, presentation skills, Windows programming with the MFC.


3 A levels: Pure Mathematics(A), Applied Mathematics(A), Physics(C)
11 O levels: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, French, Latin, R.K., English Language, English Literature, General Studies 

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 26th January 1957
Marital Status: Single
Interests: Mountaineering, Photography, Skiing

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