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Electric Power Steering 
Contaminate Test Software

In a recent contract Focus Software Solutions developed test software to detect contaminates in the optical sensors of electric power assisted steering units. Used in a factory environment it was required to have a very simple interface and yet still be able to provide detailed information when the production engineers needed to examine a unit in greater detail.

The software receives information from the steering unit via a CAN (Controller Area Network) interface using CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP), providing data at a rate of once every 2.38ms - no mean feat to keep up with using a Windows front end! Contaminates are detected by looking for "spikes" in the data received. This data can be viewed and checked manually but the software does all necessary filtering and analysis automatically and passes or fails the unit.

Main Screen with all six results graphs

One graph taken to full screen

Zooming in on a detail of the graph

Designed for use in a factory environment the interface is extremely simple for normal every day use. All that is required of the operator is to click the large Start button and then wait for the result to be displayed. Even this was later automated to be controlled via an RS232 interface. However the production engineers also needed the ability to access more details on the test data and a graphical interface was provided.

Simple single key pushes allow the graphs to be viewed full screen, zoomed and panned.

All data is stored and saved in CSV files allowing easy later processing in any spreadsheet software.

The ability to modify any program and test parameters requires a password and all such modifications are logged to a changes file allowing easy auditing to done.

The customer has full rights to modify and maintain the software themselves and received full source code and documentation. However to this date the customer has chosen to use Focus Software Solutions to do this work for them.

A very comprehensive set of documentation was provided with detailed descriptive text explaining all aspects of the software design and structure. This text is supported by a full set of flowcharts and UML diagrams:



Sample diagrams from the software documentation

The Price

All this was provided by Focus Software Solutions for less than 9,000 with the price agreed up front.

Find Out More

To find out more about how Focus Software Solutions can help provide solutions for your company just contact us here for a speedy and friendly response.


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